Pastor To Pastor
"We we will give ourselves continually to prayer,
and to the ministry of the word."
- Acts 6:4

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Transform your prayer life and you will transform your church.

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"Pastors need to be men of prayer." -- That goes without saying. Well, does it really? Our lives as shepherds of the flock are just as busy as our lay counterparts. If prayer is an add on then we will not be any better at prayer than the people we lead.

Pastors, we need to encourage one another in prayer. It is not easy, never was, never is, never will be. Here is a place for pastors to share their stuggles and victories before the throne. I know I have grown tremendously over the last 20-25 years of ministry. I have struggled. I have failed. I have times of parchedness, and I have times of great strides in prayer. But the struggle never ends.

This space is reserved for pastors to share their prayer journeys together. Do it annonymously if that helps, but share, for the life of the body. We need each other. So we invite you to share your struggles and victories in prayer. All of us would be interested.

If you have a word to share just e-mail it to me, Pastor Dick, at Pastor to Pastor. I will filter the reponses, since not all will really be pastors sharing. Send me your name, and the city and the church and denomination that you pastor. I will try to post it here for others to read.