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We know that reading the entire Bible in a year is a difficult discipline. Often believers start reading the Bible with Genesis with good intentions of reading the whole Bible. But most people get bogged down somewhere around Leviticus and give up. We have a better idea. How about reading throughthe entire New Testament in 260 days reading JUST ONE CHAPTER EACH DAY! It can be done and it gives you time to think and digest the chapter you read.

I often do this with a journal and outline the sub headings of each chapter and choose one or two significant verses in each chapter to memorize or think about. My wife and I read it after supper while sitting at the table. Jesus said,"Man shall not live by bread (supper) alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God." Try it. You'll like it!

Below we have outlined the months to match the 30 or 31 days in each month and one month, February with 28 days. By mid-September you will have finished.We suggest if you want to go on then start reading Genesis and Exodus one chapter at a time, and conclude with Esther and Ruth.

I have included links to my reading of the various New Testament books chapter by chapter, along with some commentaries to give your reading some context. I've also included other Bible reading favorites like James Earl Jones and Max McLean if you prefer the King James Version and a professional reader.

If I have preache through that book I will provide links to my sermon series for you to deepen you study. May God bless you as you feast on HIS WORD.

Download PDF files that are easier to read.

New Testament Reading Schedule for 2023

52 Verses to memorize - one each week.

365 Daily Promises from God


Introduction to 1 Thessalonians

1 Thessalonians Chapter 1
1 Thessalonians Chapter 2
1 Thessalonians Chapter 3
1 Thessalonians Chapter 4
1 Thessalonians Chapter 5


Introduction to Colossians

Colossians Chapter 1
Colossians Chapter 2
Colossians Chapter 3
Colossians Chapter 4


Introduction to Philippians

Philippians Chapter 1
Philippians Chapter 2
Philippians Chapter 3
Philippians Chapter 4


Introduction to Ephesians

Ephesians Chapter 1
Ephesians Chapter 2
Ephesians Chapter 3
Ephesians Chapter 4
Ephesians Chapter 5
Ephesians Chapter 6


Introductory Comments on Galatians

Galatians Chapter 1
Galatians Chapter 2
Galatians Chapter 3
Galatians Chapter 4
Galatians Chapter 5
Galatians Chapter 6


Comments on James

James Chapter 1
James Chapter 2
James Chapter 3
James Chapter 4
James Chapter 5

Word Studies in James

1st Peter

Introduction to 1st Peter

1st Peter Chapter 1
1st Peter Chapter 2
1st Peter Chapter 3
1st Peter Chapter 4
1st Peter Chapter 5

1st John

Introduction to 1st John
1st John Chapter 1
1st John Chapter 2
1st John Chapter 3
1st John Chapter 4
1st John Chapter 5


Background on Mark
Insights to Reading Mark

Mark Chapter 1
Mark Chapter 2
Mark Chapter 3
Mark Chapter 4
Mark Chapter 5
Mark Chapter 6
Mark Chapter 7
Mark Chapter 8
Mark Chapter 9
Mark Chapter 10
Mark Chapter 11
Mark Chapter 12
Mark Chapter 13
Mark Chapter 14
Mark Chapter 15
Mark Chapter 16