Pastor Dick LaFountain
Paul's Letter to the Ephesians

Ephesians is probably my favorite Epistle. I've preached 45 messages from it and enjoy its powerful truths. I am reading here from the New International Version but I prefer to read it in the New King James version because it is familiar to me, and because NIV sometimes looses the power of some of the words by trying to make it a paraphrase instead of a direct translation. Whatever version you choose don't read it speedily. It should be savored, one paragraph at a time, then think about what was just written by Paul. If you can take the time it would be well worth it to listen through my preaching series on Ephesians. I especially encourage you to listen to messages 7-11 where Paul talks about election and the sovereignty of God. It may help you understand those concepts. Then jump down to the Spiritual Warfare messages 40-45. You'll be glad you did.

Every chapter has multiple significant verses to commit to memory.

This reading is done by Rev. Richard LaFountain

Ephesians Introduction -- Key Verse "To know the love of God" -- 3:14-19

Ephesians Chapter 1 -- Key Verse 1:11-12

Ephesians Chapter 2 -- Key Verse 2:8-10

Ephesians Chapter 3 -- Key Verse 3:20

Ephesians Chapter 4 -- Key Verse 4:11-15

Ephesians Chapter 5 -- Key Verse 5:18-19

Ephesians Chapter 6 -- Key Verse 6:10-15

Pastor Dick's SERMONS ON Ephesians

1. Introduction to Ephesians
2. Paul, An Extraordinary Life
3. The Saints in Ephesus
4. Spiritual Blessings
5. The Glory of God

6. The Mystery of God
7. The Sovereignty of God
8. The Danger of Election
9. The Mercies of God
10. The Value of Election
11. Predestined To Be Adopted

12. My Redeemer
13. Paul's Purposeful Prayer
14. Our Inheritance
15. Sealed by the Holy Spirit
16. The Quickening Holy Spirit

17. No More Strangers
18. Paul's 2nd Prayer
19. Paul's Doxology Part I
20. Doxology Part II: Believing God

21. Baptized With The Spirit
22. Gifts Part I: The Purchase of Gifts
23. Gifts Part II: The Proliferation of Gifts
24. Gifts Part III: The Procedure for Gifts
25. Grieving the Holy Spirit

26. Walk: As A New Man
27. Walk in Love - Part I
28. Walk in Love - Part II
29. Walk in the Light
30. Walk in Wisdom
31. Walk in the Spirit
32. Walk in Harmony: Husbands & Wives
33. Walk: Servant-Leaders
34. Walk: Children & Fathers

35. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit
36. The Fullness of the Spirit
37. The Baptism & Fullness of the Holy Spirit
38. Thanksgiving At Midnight
39. Cultivating a Thankful Heart

40. Weapons 1 - Blood & Testimony
41. Weapons 2 - Authority & Strongholds
42. Weapons 3 - Sword & Shield
43. Weapons 4 - Praying in the Spirit
44. Spiritual Armor - Wrestle
45. Spiritual Armor - Stand

Other Readers

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