Pastor Dick LaFountain
Paul's Letter to the Galatians

Galatians was Martin Luther's favorite book, though Romans comes in as a close second. Galatians, in fact, seems to be a shortened version of Romans. It hits some of the same points, but is certianly more developed in Romans. Paul is writing to defend his Apostleship which is being attacked by theJewish legalist, called Judaizers, who taught that all Christians were to still to obey the Old Testament rules and regulations, and expecially therequirement of circumcision. Galatians were not Jews. They were Gentiles, so were never under the laws of Moses. These Judaizers also taught that Paulwas a fake Apostle, having never been a part of the 12 that Jesus called. In this letter Paul defends his Apostleship as from a personal encounter withthe risen Lord Jesus.

Each chapter contains at least one verse that should be memorized by every believer.

This reading is done by Rev. Richard LaFountain

Introduction to Galatians

Galatians Chapter 1 -- Key Verse 1:8

Galatians Chapter 2 -- Key Verse 2:20

Galatians Chapter 3 -- Key Verse 3:26-28

-- Key Verse 4:6-7

Galatians Chapter 5 -- Key Verse 5:22-23

Galatians Chapter 6 -- Key Verse 6:9

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Galatians is a firm statement of the doctrine of justification by grace through faith. When Paul wrote this letter, the false doctrine of legalism and faith by works had infiltrated the church throughout Galatia. As a result, believers had traded their freedom in Christ for bondage to the old Jewish law that had been fulfilled by Jesus. On this flight, we discover the differences between law and grace as well as the practical application and results of the proper doctrine of grace.

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