Topical Sermons
by Dick LaFountain

"We will give ourselves continually to prayer and the ministry of the Word." Acts 6:4

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Pastor Dick LaFountain:
Rekindle the Flame Conference, Akron, OH

Listen to Pastor Dick share his personal testimony and experience of the Holy Spirit's presence and power.

The Holy Spirit Series(2002)(13 messages)

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit (15 messages)
  1. Unwrap Your Spiritual Gifts
  2. The Gift of Personality
  3. There Are Many Variety of Gifs
  4. Command to Desire Spiritual Gifts
  5. The Gift of Leadership
  6. The Gift of Faith
  7. The Gift of Miracles
  8. The Gifts of Healing
  9. The Gifts of Dreams & Visions
  10. The Gift of Teaching
  11. The Gift of Evangelism & Apologetics
  12. The Gift of Caring
  13. The Gift of Tongues Part 1
  14. The Gift of Tongues Part 2
  15. The Gift of Tongues Part 3

First Steps in Christ
(Summer 2003)

The Power of Jesus' Name
(Combined Series on the Names of God )
  1. Study the Names of God
  2. My Faithful God
  3. My Almighty God - El Shaddai
  4. My Healer - Jehovah Rapha
  5. My Banner - Jehovah Nissi
  6. My Provider - Jehovah Jireh
  7. My Great Shepherd - Jehovah Rohi
  8. My Guide
  9. My Restorer
  10. Lion of Judah Part 1
  11. Lion of Juday Part 2
  12. Emmanuel - God With Us
  13. Wonderful Counselor
  14. Mighty God
  15. Everlasting Father
  16. Prince of Peace

A Case for Healing (from James 2010)

The Lost Presence of God

Praying Through (Series 2008)

Praying With Power (Series 2003)

Teach Me To Pray (Seminar Teachings on Prayer)

Spiritual Warfare (Ephesians 2007)

Invisible Battles (Satan and Demons)

Biblical Characters (Great men of God)

Stinkin' Thinkin'
(Conforming our Thoughts to His Thoughts)

The Prayer of Jabez

Job's Suffering

The 23rd Psalm (The Shepherd's Psalm)

The End Times (The Last Days)