"We exist to train God-hungry people in the disciplines of prayer."
"Restoring Shattered Faith" is a newest book by Pastor Dick LaFountain. This book is a message for all those whose faith has been disappointed, wounded or shattered. It is a call to "Let it be healed!" Isn't it time to start believing God again?

What do you do when God fails to come through for you? Millions of Christians start their walk with God with great hope, faith and dreams that God will always answer their prayers. Then somewhere along the way a crisis happens, a sickness, an accident, a failed marriage, wayward children, or a loved one dies or commits suicide. Suddenly you ask, "Where was God? Why did this happen to me? Why didn't God answer my prayer?" Worse yet, thousands of struggling believers become unbelievers, secretly convinced that God doesn't really care about their circumstances and He doesn't always answer prayer. They conclude that God lied and His promises are not true.

Rev. Richard W. LaFountain has been a pastor for over forty years. He has recently retired to do the writing God has put in his heart and to teach and preach about prayer and the faithfulness of God to all His promises.

In 1982 his daughter was killed by a speeding car. Her suffering and untimely death was at first disappointing then devastating. Dick shares his personal experience of shattered faith and deep depression that followed. Through a miracle of God's amazing grace and the counsel of wise men he was able to wade through those dark years of deep depression and grief to come out on the other side with a stronger faith in the sovereignty and goodness of God. His hope and prayer is that this story may help others who have experienced a shattered faith.

This book will stir and challenge your faith. This book says what many of us have thought to ourselves but didn't have the courage to say out loud. Dick shares four unresolved issues that destroyed his faith:

1) God lied to me,
2) God doesn't love me,
3) God doesn't care about my pain,
4) and God doesn't answer my prayers.
Join Dick as he grapples with each of these emotional assumptions in search of answers. A study guide is provided at the end of each section with discussion starters and questions for further study for individuals or small groups.        Read the first few chapters.

Dick is available to speak in churches and share his story of shattered faith and God's path to restoration.

Contact him at 724-372-1979 - text him with your name and interest, or call.

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