"We exist to train God-hungry people in the disciplines of prayer."
We now have our tax exempt status!
Richard LaFountain Ministries, Inc. is a non profit corporation!

Praise God, we now operate as a non-profit ministry, incorporated and recognized by IRS and able to solicit tax exempt gifts from friends and other organizations.

This is a FAITH venture. It is an adventure in prayer, believing God for the resources to supplement our income and to provide for the ministry. Although honorariums and book sales are helpful, most of that money goes back into the ministry. It costs money to conduct ministry.

Many churches cannot afford to give much in the way of offerings, and many pastors cannot afford coaching. We live by faith and trust God to put into the hearts of His people to bless this ministry with financial gifts. Our entire support comes from you, dedicated friends and family who see the need and worthiness of this ministry, and give sacrificially to make it happen.

We need your help! If you are willing and God has stirred your heart to be a contributor, supporter, or partner in our prayer ministry, there are several ways you can help us. Pray regularly for us and for the positive effect of this ministry. Give regularly to our support and the support of this prayer ministry through online giving.

Or you can send a check or money order to

Richard LaFountain Ministries
P.O. Box 132
Grove City, PA 16127

What does not come in through gifts from God's people must come out of our living expenses or be curtailed entirely. Please consider prayerfully whether you can support us with a monthly gift or periodically as the Spirit of God provides for you and moves on your heart.


Consider Three Giving Levels

All gifts are tax exempt and securely transacted through our account with Pay Pal.
Note that Pay Pal will take a small percentage of your gift as a transaction fee.

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