The Name of the Lord

Jesus, Savior, Yeshua
She shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS:
for he shall save his people from their sins. - Matthew 1:21

Yeshua - (Savior, Rescuer or Hero)

Heroes: Heroes. There aren't very many of them left. When they do show up it is almost always in the middle of insurmountable odds, and incredible difficulties.

On January 13, 1982, an Air Florida 737 crashed into the Potomac River after takeoff from Washington DC's National Airport. Only five passengers survived the terrible crash. There was a major snowstorm that was covering the Washington, D.C. area with considerable accumulation.

At 3:59 p.m. an airplane took off from nearby Washington National Airport. But something was wrong with the plane. Due to wing icing and pilot error, the aircraft lost altitude and crashed into the 14th Street Bridge and the Potomac River less than a mile from the airport. It hit several cars and went into the frozen river. There were 79 people on the plane.

The plane quickly sank beneath the ice. Only its tail remained above the surface. There were six people holding onto it. " Help!" They cried. It was obvious that they could not live long in such cold water. Those six had to be saved quickly.

A police helicopter arrived at once and threw a rope to them. A woman caught it, but she was so weak that she lost her grip and fell into the water. She was about to drown. AT that moment a young man, who was watching from the shore, jumped into the river. He brought her to land. Her body was so cold that she was only a few minutes from death.

But a middle-aged man was even more heroic. Identified as Arland Williams, He was among the six people on the plane's tail. The pilot of the helicopter threw a rope to him. But the man saw a young woman near him. Her face was pale and her eyes were filled with fear. He gave her the rope and helped her hold it. He wanted to save her first. When the helicopter came back, the man was still there. Again the rope was thrown to him, and again he passed it to a fellow passenger. When the helicopter finally returned to pick him up, he was nowhere in sight.

The Champion of Love!

Ladies And Gentlemen,
May I Have Your Attention?
I Want To Introduce To You
In This Corner Of The Good And The Right
Stands A Champion Robed In White

His Height Exceeds The Heavens
His Weight Out Weighs The World
His Reach Reaches Everywhere
His Age Is Ever More!

He Is Higher Than The Highest
Greater Than The Great
No One Can Ever Take His Crown Away
He's More Mighty Than The Mightiest
He Reins From Above!
He's The All Time Undisputed Undefeated
Champion Of Love...

He Left His Home Town To Enter This Arena
To Raise His Hands In Victory For Me
An Angry Crowd Crucified
This King Who Wore Their Crown
And They Gladly Watched
The Champion Going Down

But I Will Never Count Him Out
For I'm A Witness Of The Day
He Rose To Retain The Title
Champion Of Love!

He Is Higher Than The Highest
Greater Than The Great
No One Can Ever Take His Crown Away
He’s More Mighty Than The Mightiest
He Reins From Above!
He Is Higher Than The Highest…

Recorded by The Cathedral Quartet ©1999 Homeland Studios T.H.G.