Walking Sticks

The creative side Dick LaFountain.
Carved Sticks
  - Eagles Wings
  - El Shaddai
  - Faithful God
  - Jehovah Healer
  - Jehovah Provider
  - Tread on
  - Abide in Vine
  - Oaks Isaiah 61
  - Oak Leaves #2
  - Oak Leaves #3
  - Oak Leaves #4
  - Impossible
  - Walking Cane

Painted Sticks
  - Bees & Flowers
  - Birds & Flowers
  - Humming Birds
  - Christmas

Cartoon Sticks
   - Angry Birds
   - Dora
   - Looney Tunes
   - Minions
   - Frozen
   - Garfield

Hand Crafted Walking Sticks

Dick started making walking sticks in 2012 after retiring from 40 years of pastoral ministry. He carves some with a Dremmel tool making flowers and oak leaves, eagles, etc. Others are painted using acrylic paint. He makes a variety of sticks:

“Walking Sticks” just for walking,
“Talking Sticks” that have a biblical theme or message, and
“Gawking Sticks” which are painted and just pretty to look at.

All are sealed with multiple coats of polyurethane. Each stick is individually chosen designed and crafted by hand from “downed” tree limbs found locally. Each stick is debarked and sanded then drawn by hand and either painted or carved. No trees were harmed in the making of Dix Stix.

If you find a stick you like but it has been sold do not despair!
I will be making some more of this type this summer (2021).
The price will vary depending on the individual stick and detail.
Send me an e-mail if you are interested, and I will keep your informed when I finish one.

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