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C hrismons (CHRIST = MONogram) are tree ornaments that proclaim our Lord Jesus Christ through the use of symbols. Chrismons have recently become a popular form of decoration for church and home Christmas Trees. The Chrismons Tree originated at Lutheran Church of the Ascension in Danville, VA in 1957. They hold the copyright on the word "chrismons". Chrismons, however, have come down to us through history. Chrismons designs are simple copies of symbols of Christianity from its earliest days. From that beginning, the idea has spread to Christians all over the world.

The source of inspiration comes from the Scriptures which are full of "Names of Christ" which are illustrations of His character and work and easily demonstrated in objects. Like parables, they are earthly symbols with heavenly mean ings.

They were designed, carved, and drawn by some of the earliest Christians and were found in many places -- on jewelry and utensils, in the catacombs, and on doors and buildings. They were symbols used by early Christians to show their faith to the world. They were always made in gold and white to symbolize majesty and purity.