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12 Step Prayer Plan

A Guide For Intercessory Prayer

Use this 12 Step Prayer Guide to prepare yourself for intercessory prayer with the First Six Steps of Preparation. Keep it active with open bible to promises and praises, change your position often, and move about as you pray. Then as we enter into Intercession we will use the Last Six Steps of Intercession. You may choose to stay in your room for your prayer time or you may enter one of the rooms prepared for your intercessory prayer time. Enjoy your prayer time!

    Focus on God
  1. Be Still
  2. Be Worshipful
  3. Be Thankful

    Focus on You

  4. Confession
  5. Coat of Armor
  6. Cast your Care
    Focus on Others
  1. Souls
  2. Saints
  3. Sick

    Focus on Leaders

  4. Ministers
  5. Missionaries
  6. Magistrates

How To Use This Guide

  • One Hour Daily Prayer - Begin the day quietly before God with the time of preparation. Do not be in a hurry. You should annex a one hour period (either morning, afternoon, or evening) to be quiet, undistrubed and unhurried before God. When your heart is quiet and prepared then the Six Steps of Intercession.

  • Top-of-the Hour, Day-Long Prayer - Begin the morning with 18 minutes in prayer preparation. Then at the top of every hour, all trough the day, spend three minutes on each consecutive step of intercession. This can be 12 hours of intercesson spread through the day, or you may choose to do the preparatory steps in the morning, and the 6 Steps of Intercession in six hours. You will find it rewarding. Set your wrist watch timer, or an alarm clock for the top of every hour.

  • Weekly Cycle of Prayer - Begin every day with the six steps of preparation. Then ONE STEP of intercession for each day of the week. For example: Monday - Souls, Tuesday - Saints, Wednesday - Sick, Thursday - Ministries, Friday - Missionaries, Saturday - Magistrates

  • Weekly Half-Day of Prayer - Each week I try to spend a half-day of fasting prayer with God each Thrusday. Begin at 6 am and running through 12 noon. Use the Steps spending a half hour on each. You can mix them up rather than doing them in the consecutive order. Give yourself a 10 minute break each hour, or a 5 minute break each half hour.

  • Monthly Personal Retreat - Every month my goal is to spend a day and a half in intercessory prayer. This is usually the first or last Monday evening and Tuesday of the month. I go to a local retreat center for an overnight with God so as to have no distractions. Then I use the Steps of Prayer for 12 hours of intercession - one hour each. I give myself a 10 minute break each hour, and begin each hour with the first three steps.

  • Prayer Groups/Partners - With your prayer partner or a small group of people you can walk through the Steps of Prayer together. Each one offers to God a sentence or two on each Step as the Spirit leads them. It is refreshing.

  • Whole Church Prayer Concerts - A concert of prayer is a partial day dedicated to prayer in the church. See our lessons on Prayer Concerts for a schedule of AM Concerts or or PM Concerts using the Steps of Prayer.

  • Extended Prayer Retreats - An extended prayer retreat is anywhere from a day and a half to three days in intensive prayer. See our lessons on Prayer Retreats for a variety of scheduling options.