"We exist to train God-hungry people in the disciplines of prayer."
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Material for Bulletin Inserts
 NEW Workbook 36 pages
 Concert of Prayer Guide
 3-Fold Healing Brochure
 Pray for Souls
 Pray for Lost People

Most Recent Material
 54 Weeks of Names of God
 44 Jehovah and El Names
 701 Names of the Lord
 72 Key Names of God
 365 Promises of God

PDF Materials
 Pray 36 Purposes of God
 A New 40-Day Fast
 Pray for Your Pastor
 Pastor's Prayer Shield
 Fervent Prayer
 Memorize Great Scriptures
 Your Eight-Sided Shield
 Jesus' Six Prayer Steps
 Worship-Based Prayers
 48 Prayerful Activities

PDF Articles
 The Power of Three
 Worship Intercessors Guide
 Hymns to Quiet the Soul
 The Care of Your Soul
 Intense Intercession
 Prayer Boot Camp
 Two Forgotten Principles
 George Mueller Interview
 True Believing Prayer

PDF Guides
 Yearly Bible Reading
 Bible Memorization
 Simplest Prayer
 9-Minute Devotions
 40-Day Devotions
 Pastor's Prayer Schedule
 Scriptures to Memorize

PDF Worksheets
 Believing Prayer Survey
 Daily Prayer Chart
 Spiritual Life Inventory
 Discipleship Maturity
 God-Time Inventory
 Hindrances to Prayer
 Your Prayer Habits
 Identify Strongholds

PDF Hints & Helps
 Who I Am In Christ
 How To Use - Who Am I
 Who I Am Simplified

PDF Guides to Retreats & Concerts
 A Silent Retreat
 A Purposeful Pause
 Cheap Prayer Retreats
 3-Day Prayer Retreat
 Prayer Concert Intimacy
 Two Prayer Concerts
 Prayer Concert Rooms

PDF Guides to Actions in Prayer
 24 Prayer Actions
 How To Pray All Day
 How-To Guide
 12-Step Hint Sheet
 Jesus Names List

PDF Strategies
 Prayer Partners
 Prayer Accountability
 Prayer One For Another