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Making Chrismons

Chrismons can be made a variety of ways. The nicest is using cross stitch but other designs can be just as effective. Ideas for Chrismons may be obtained from books on Christian symbols, which are available in most libraries, or from the Bible itself. Try Nave's Topical Bible which lists hundreds of names of Christ. Once you have ideas gather some creative or "crafty" people and have a Chrismon making party.

Here are some suggestions..

  1. Make cardboard patterns, simplifying the designs if necessary.
  2. Use white styrofoam (meat and pastry trays are good), white felt, and white plastic canvas for the background.
  3. Use gold braid, cord, yarn, embroidery thread, rickrack, glitter, glitter stems, sequins, beads, gold foil, etc. for design.
  4. Use white glue or fabric to attach the design to the background.